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Promoting Traditional Card Play in the Digital Age

There are two trends in the world that have brought about the need for an organization such as the Card Game Heritage Society. After learning what we are all about, we hope that you will join us and start to participate in some of our activities. The two trends we are concerned with are:

  1. In this increasingly technological world, some of our beloved social traditions, such as sitting at a table with friends/family and playing card or board games, are in danger of being completely replaced by an almost zombie-like preference for games played on computers and handheld devices.
  2. Another sad development is that there has been so much pressure on immigrants to "Americanize" that many enjoyable, harmless traditions from the homeland are abandoned. Sadly, this often includes the traditional card games from their country of origin.

The Card Game Heritage Society is a Cleveland-based organization whose purpose is to promote the traditional play of card games, especially those that have a root in one's ancestral culture. Toward this end we provide both educational and social services to our members and the general public.

The Card Game Heritage Society is the educational/social segment of North America’s premier distributor of European regional playing cards & accessories, TaroBear's Lair.

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